Becoming an ABA provider who excels both relationally and analytically requires poise, a positive persistent attitude, and frankly, a lot of grit.

We are running a marathon, not a sprint.  While on the surface outsiders may see us simply "playing" with our clients, we in the field know the incredible amount of thought going into each action during a therapy session.  While ABA Therapy should in fact often be playful, it is certainly not just play.  ABA is a medically necessary treatment for recovery from autism spectrum disorders.  Therefore our role is critical to our client's development.

The role of behavior therapist and BCBA falls under the category of medical professional.  Therefore, our professionalism and commitment to our clients must be exceptional. 

We, as a team, are here to show up with our best, and deliver our best, consistently, day after day for the joy of seeing our clients and client families achieve more than they believed they could.  

If you, too, believe in providing the very best you can offer and are an exceptionally committed candidate we are interested in speaking with you about a career!


Brightwork ABA Therapy employs dedicated, personable, passionate individuals pursuing behavior analysis as a career. 

We take care to ensure quality performance, which begins with a selective hiring process.  We do not hire "entry" level positions, as each of our employees must already have the training to collaborate on programming and management.  Our staff are already on their way towards their BCBA's and enrolled in Master's programs, or are seriously considering that path.  

Our team style is flat as opposed to hierarchical.  BCBA supervision is collaborative, and each employee actively participates and contributes to the complex task of programming and service delivery in this challenging but rewarding field.  

Our name, "Brightwork" signifies both the positive attitude as well as the intellectual effort required to program effectively and administer "ABA" ethically.  "Brightwork" is a vintage nautical term which refers to the shining brass that was an essential component on vintage yachts, both protective and decorative.  In that way, we hope it also may signify the layers of brightening we hope to bring to our employee, client, and family lives through mutually supportive and progressing working relationships.

Poise & Grit

"Bright" Players

Hiring is a Selective Process. 

If you resonate with our dedication and message, and believe you have not only the qualifications but the evidence to back it up, you are invited to submit your resume with cover letter to:

 ABA Culture

Brightwork ABA Therapy


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ABA is not a "therapy".  It is a science of behavior which applies to all of us.  Our study  of ABA allows us to understand the impacts of our circumstances in a variety of environments.  The positive potential of ABA lies in our ability to become aware of those circumstances and creatively find ways to make adjustments to those circumstances.  In doing so, we can build a world around ourselves that supports our best performance as well as enjoyment in life, no matter what the situation.

At Brightwork, we apply the principles of ABA not only within the work we do, but within the organizational make up of the company.  Some of the ways we look to apply ABA principles to create a more enjoyable work experience for everyone includes: pay for performance, supporting a collaborative work culture, ongoing communication, and providing  opportunities for skill and niche development.