It is important for you to know that the most effective years, no matter what age your child may begin therapy, are the first 1-3.  Therefore, you will want to make certain that your family's schedules and routines are planned around therapy to ensure the greatest amount of progress during the initial therapy years.  Even vacations should be avoided or carefully considered with the ABA team.  The investment is significant, but the outcomes will far outweigh the sacrifice as you see progress for your child.  

Beginning therapy with your child can be an exciting but intimidating time.  You will have many questions. The idea of "ABA" may be new to you.  You may have heard mixed messages about diagnosis and therapy, and you may have concerns about how your child will progress.  

We understand the complex emotional journey parents take -- and we'd like to support you through this process.  Before therapy begins you may meet with our clinical BCBA or clinical psychologist to discuss concerns which will better prepare you for this journey and to help pave the way for effective communication between you the parent and our team.

The therapy journey is a big commitment of time and emotions.  Your child's progress is highly dependent on your resilience and ability to persist, and the children of parents who are involved in this process are scientifically proven to have better outcomes.

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