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You may have many questions as you begin therapy with your child.  What will it be like?  What can I expect?  When can we begin?  First, if you made it to this website, then you are a parent who has been diligent in your search for answers.  You will find more here, and hopefully some peace of mind as we begin the next phase of your journey together with your child.  

Here we have a sampling of questions and answers...but if you do not find what you are looking for, please email us or call.

Why "ABA"? What is it and how will it help my child? 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the gold standard for the treatment of Autism and related disorders.  Why?  It is the only treatment available that is supported by research that consistently demonstrate the highest gains for children.  In fact, up to 40% of children who receive ABA interventions in early childhood lose their diagnosis or recover significant functioning by school age.

For this reason, many states have adopted mandates to require coverage of ABA by insurance companies as a medically necessary intervention for children with Autism. ABA is the only comprehensive treatment covered by insurance. 

That being said, it is not a therapy per se, but a science of behavior that has been studied for decades.  "ABA" as we have come to call it, varies somewhat from program to program, however, there are standards for the treatment of children with Autism that are important features of a quality ABA program, and these standards are available for parents who would like to learn more.  It is very important to understand these standards to ensure your child receives the best care possible.  The youngest years go by quickly, and they are the most crucial.

Therapy sessions will include a mix of play time, break time, and practice of important developmental skills that cover a wide range of categories.  Some of these categories include speech and language, peer social skills, play skills, important hygiene and life skills such as potty training and getting dressed, to developing emotional regulation and flexibility.

Each program is individualized to your child's specific needs. The goal of therapy is to increase your child's overrall functioning and enjoyment of life!  Sessions should be fun, engaging, and organized.  Communication with your BCBA and with your team about goals and progress and any issues that should arise should be open and ongoing.  

Some parents wonder how ABA is different than speech or OT? One very important distinction that can be made is in the ABA approach to skill development, which includes specialized methods for working with unique challenges, such as echolalia, or low motivation.  Another important distinction between ABA and other programs is a very high standard for ensuring progress.  Board Certified Behavior Analysts are required to keep detailed notes and data as to your child's goals and progress.  A BCBA will also follow a very specific developmental plan for your child, which outlines the milestones most important to achieving improvements in areas effected by Autism.

Quality ABA programs address the core deficits in Autism, and include both direct therapy one on one with your child as well as parent training.  Parent training helps to educate your about the diagnosis, improve your relationship with your child, and improves your effectiveness in managing challenges that may arise. 

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